Three Months!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Here’s an update on how we’re doing!

At the Car Wash

13035682107294d6cd845d253886ff40a1be4d5c46[1]This past Sunday—August 24—marked one full month since we moved to Germany! The honeymoon phase hasn’t worn off yet, but there have been moments—like the time when we borrowed a car for three weeks while the owners were out of town on vacation. At the end of the three weeks, we went to get it washed before returning it and encountered a few surprises.

“We’re Here” Video and Pictures

Can you believe we have been living here in Germany for more than three weeks!

The past few days sure have been full and there’s so much we’d like to say. So much, in fact we’re not sure where to start!

Don’t Drink the Water (in Public)

You Can Drink the Water—Just Don’t Do It in Public!

042143a6-994e-4b21-ad5c-8a10613afe4c[1]The tap water (Leitungswasser, Trinkwasser) in Germany ranks among the healthiest in the world. However, most Americans who somehow learned the German phrase for “Tap water, please.” (“Leitungswasser bitte.”) rarely use the phrase a second time. The puzzled look of disgust on the server’s face is usually enough to discourage all but the most emboldened diner from making any second attempt. It is a look that says: “Ordinary water is fine for bathing, but only a barbarian would drink it!”

Why don’t Germans drink perfectly safe water?

We Are Here!

Less than a week ago (Thursday, 24 July, 2014) we arrived at the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport dazed and jetlagged after more than 20 hours of travel. Every day since we’ve had to pinch ourselves to see if this is real.

Willkommen s

Rapid Fire Updates!

One month ago (May 23rd) we announced that we had a date to move to Germany: July 23. At that time we announced that in order to move we’d have to raise $1,800 a month, or 72 bites of $25 each. Since then, the Lord has done some remarkable things! Now, with twelve days to go before we are scheduled to fly, we are fully funded for the first year of ministry!

Every Friday we’ve been documenting this whole process through weekly update video emails. Here they are so far! Please keep praying as the rest of the bites are taken!