Netherlands Trip Update

Holland smallThank you so much for praying for my first trip to The Netherlands. I say first, because I’m already scheduled to go back for another conference in April!

Crossing the border into The Netherlands was surreal. I had all kinds of ideas of how my life would be impacted, half expecting some kind of sudden revelation or vision or something miraculous. Instead, I just prayed as I enjoyed the pastoral beauty. Maybe I’d just been building it up in my head for so long, and I needed to manage my expectations better.

I definitely enjoyed my time there. But it is hard to know what to say partly because I have no significant stories to tell of lives radically changed. However, I was definitely in my element with like-minded people. I made some good friendships that have a good chance of turning into future ministry partnerships. And I was also able to encourage and exhort a couple of guys in their calling and ministries.

Hold on for a second.

The Netherlands’ Significance

Netherlands BadgeOn New Year’s Eve day in 1987, I was a freshman in high school and I was growing and maturing in my walk with Jesus. God had put it in my heart by then that I was going to be a missionary, but I didn’t know where. Through reading biographies and school research projects, I had become fascinated with three cultures: Asia in general, Japan specifically, and the Dutch in the Netherlands.

Asia in general because I had heard about a YWAM base in Montana that I was curious about and they sent missionary teams to that general area. (Interestingly, my sister Grace did her DTS there and wound up moving to Taiwan.) Japan because I had heard stories about how difficult it was there to tell people about Jesus. Plus, the movie “Gung Ho” that came out in 1986 contrasted with stories I’d heard about WWII peaked my curiosity. Lastly, the biography of Brother Andrew (God’s Smuggler) and other biographies I’d read, contrasted with a research paper I had written about modern-day Netherlands, broke my heart for the Dutch people. The same country that sent missionaries around the world in decades and centuries past, is also the first western country to legalize drugs, prostitution, and euthanasia.

Getting back to the eve of 1988…

Three Months!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Here’s an update on how we’re doing!

At the Car Wash

13035682107294d6cd845d253886ff40a1be4d5c46[1]This past Sunday—August 24—marked one full month since we moved to Germany! The honeymoon phase hasn’t worn off yet, but there have been moments—like the time when we borrowed a car for three weeks while the owners were out of town on vacation. At the end of the three weeks, we went to get it washed before returning it and encountered a few surprises.

“We’re Here” Video and Pictures

Can you believe we have been living here in Germany for more than three weeks!

The past few days sure have been full and there’s so much we’d like to say. So much, in fact we’re not sure where to start!