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Adventures in the Wardrobe
Servants of Moria
The room is dark. The only light is filtering in through shuttered windows, shielding against the harsh afternoon sun. By some standards, you would [...]
Lines. Being a fan of amusement parks, I’ve been in some long lines. Once, I waited three hours for a 45 second ride. The 3,200 inmates/refugees we served [...]
My First Hour in Moria
I was assigned to Family Services: Level 1, in the center of Moria Prison on the Greek Island of Lesvos, about two miles from Turkey. At least it was a [...]
Refugee for a Day
It is a bit eerie looking out and seeing Turkey so close. I’ve heard second-hand stories about what is happening over there and they’re simply [...]
Prepared for Germany
At 15-years-old, Jeff committed his life to serving Jesus on the mission field in Europe. In her early 20s Carrie knew she was supposed to be a missionary. [...]
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