Prepared for Germany
At 15-years-old, Jeff committed his life to serving Jesus on the mission field in Europe. In her early 20s Carrie knew she was supposed to be a missionary. [...]

C2C Story Commercial

Fihristi Commercial
Sophie in German School (Week 8)
Meeting Locals (Week 7)

This is our 4th week coming to you on location from Germany.

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Our Son in Germany
Why Do You Call It Good?
About a week before Easter, I, Jeff, was talking to a German friend here. I was helping him with his English while he was helping me with my German. We [...]
Tech Expanding God’s Kingdom!
This week we start out in front of the closest thing Kandern has to fast food: Turkish Döner Kabap. These little restaurants are in every little village [...]
Keep Jeff & Carrie in Germany, Week 2
Carrie talks about volunteering at the refugee center and an update on our campaign to stay here in Germany. Here’s the link to the email that goes [...]
Spring Update, 2015
This is the first of 10 video/emails. In these emails we’ll highlight different aspects of the ministry we’ve discovered here in Germany. [...]