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Servants of Moria
The room is dark. The only light is filtering in through shuttered windows, shielding against the harsh afternoon sun. By some standards, you would [...]
Netherlands Trip Update
Thank you so much for praying for my first trip to The Netherlands. I say first, because I’m already scheduled to go back for another conference in April! [...]
The Netherlands’ Significance
On New Year’s Eve day in 1987, I was a freshman in high school and I was growing and maturing in my walk with Jesus. God had put it in my heart by then [...]
2014 Year End Update
Here’s the email we just sent out. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
What I Learned at the Mobile Ministry Forum
I’m on my final leg of my trip home and I’m somewhere over Texas looking at a crimson Texas-earth-inspired sunset. I’ve spent the last five [...]