GEM’s Mission


Click to start the video above to listen to a pre-release edition of a radio broadcast that will be aired next month.

  • When? — Friday, February 22 at 4:30PM
  • What Station? — KWVE 107.9 FM in Orange County, California, or stream it live here.


Our Radio Interview
“Church Planting Movements” by David Garrison
Below is a chapter out of our Perspectives text book that really meant a lot to Carrie and me.  GEM is seeking the Lord for ways to replicate the work [...]
Igniting Discipleship
GEM wants to ignite discipleship movements in 50 cities over the next five years (Click here for more info). Discipleship multiplication training is [...]
GEM and the London Olympics
For two years Greater Europe Mission has been laying the ground work in preparation to reach the athletes, coaches, fans, and people of England. Now, over [...]
eDOT 2.0
The team Jeff will be joining has been undergoing some significant changes that we are really excited about. We haven’t talked a lot about eDOT in the [...]