Getting There

Meeting Locals (Week 7)
Jeff in the Netherlands and a Special Message from Carrie (Week 5)
Rapid Fire Updates!
One month ago (May 23rd) we announced that we had a date to move to Germany: July 23. At that time we announced that in order to move we’d have to [...]
How do I know if I’m called to missions?
The following is from a blog I read occasionally. We often hear people use some funny terminology when they talk about missions. It’s not uncommon to hear [...]
Events in May!
We have two events coming up in May. We’re getting close to going and we need to finish finding our Armor-Bearers! Here’s the official flyer!

Click to start the video above to listen to a pre-release edition of a radio broadcast that will be aired next month.

  • When? — Friday, February 22 at 4:30PM
  • What Station? — KWVE 107.9 FM in Orange County, California, or stream it live here.


Our Radio Interview
Digging Ditches
Turn in your Bibles with me to 2 Kings, chapter 3. (Don’t you just love to hear the thumbing of smartphone screens?) In this chapter we find that the [...]
Almost Half Way!
We are excited to see God blessing this path to serve Him with eDOT in Germany. We have met so many amazing people along this support-raising journey, that [...]
Our Rollercoaster Timeline

In our conversations with potential Armor-Bearers, we’ve met a few that would rather give toward more tangible than just a monthly gift into a lump sum. If that’s you then we have the perfect tangible need! In June we hope to attend a five week training seminar with Missionary Training International (MTI). This excellent program […]