Outreach Examples

Servants of Moria
The room is dark. The only light is filtering in through shuttered windows, shielding against the harsh afternoon sun. By some standards, you would [...]
Lines. Being a fan of amusement parks, I’ve been in some long lines. Once, I waited three hours for a 45 second ride. The 3,200 inmates/refugees we served [...]
Our Church in Germany (Week 6)
The Internet is Essential in Europe
A few days ago a German court ruled that the internet is an essential part of daily life. This ruling echoes similar decisions from courts in France and [...]
Igniting Discipleship
GEM wants to ignite discipleship movements in 50 cities over the next five years (Click here for more info). Discipleship multiplication training is [...]
GEM and the London Olympics
For two years Greater Europe Mission has been laying the ground work in preparation to reach the athletes, coaches, fans, and people of England. Now, over [...]
Mobile Outreach Centers
I (Jeff) am really excited that one of my projects with eDOT will be helping to establish Mobile Outreach Centers (MOC). A MOC is a mobile computer lab [...]
What If?
The billboard above asks, “What if what we grew up believing isn’t true?” If you were in the right country in May, 2012, you might have seen this [...]