About Us

We are part of a team within Greater Europe Mission called eDOT (www.gemedot.com). eDOT is a creative technology consulting agency looking to come along side ministries within Europe in order to help them increase their effectiveness through the use of technology.

eDOT needs Jeff with his background in technical writing, project management, and “no box” approach to brainstorming and problem-solving. Along with this, Jeff was called to be a missionary to Europe when he was 15. He now has the combined heart and professional experience that eDOT needs.

Our chief prayer is that God puts us on your heart. If He has, there is a good chance He is calling you to join us as one of our financial Armor Bearers. If that’s the case, please visit our giving page to learn more.

Jeff & Carrie Gage

Jeff Playing Catan Jeff
I love the creative process and tend to think outside the box. I love looking at something and finding how it can be used for God’s Kingdom. One of my hobbies is designer boardgames. There are many in the genre, but some of the more popular are Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Puerto Rico. When we get to Germany I hope to use these games for God’s Kingdom since many come from there in the first place. I also enjoy playing Nintendo games with my kids and reading Christian science fiction when I find the time and the book.
Carrie Painting Carrie
This last summer I had the chance to work on the sets of our churches VBS program. We had friends over to help and we all had a lot of fun! Right now as we are preparing to go to Germany I don’t have a lot of free time. When I’m not doing mommy stuff, I’m helping Jeff set our meeting times with potential “Armor Bearers.” However when I do have free time, I love to read historical fiction and study German. I’m really bad so far, but it’s still fun to learn. I’m trying to get a head start since when we set foot in Germany, learning will be our main focus for the first 6 months.
Wesley 1st Day at School Wesley
I like school, and my favorite subject is science. When I’m home I love to play video games with my dad. I’ve started learning the Trumpet this year. I’ve never tried to play an instrument before. I’m really enjoying the challenge. Toby Mac is my favorite musician.
Sophie and Daddy Sophie
I love to read books about all kinds of animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses. My dog Duke is the cutest dog in the whole world! I like school, too, and my favorite subjects are art and music. I love anything crafty. Toby Mac is my favorite singer!
Duke the Sissy Dog Duke
I like following around my family and laying at their feet as much as possible. Sometimes I like to run around and chase a ball that they throw for me. My favorite thing of all is to be cradled like a baby and have my belly scratched! One time my family took me camping and all I wanted to do was lay in the tent while the other dogs were rolling in the dirt. So my family started calling me their “sissy dog,” but that’s okay, I don’t mind!

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