Getting There

Rapid Fire Updates!

One month ago (May 23rd) we announced that we had a date to move to Germany: July 23. At that time we announced that in order to move we’d have to raise $1,800 a month, or 72 bites of $25 each.…

Events in May!

We have two events coming up in May. We’re getting close to going and we need to finish finding our Armor-Bearers! Here’s the official flyer! Like this:Like Loading…

Digging Ditches

Turn in your Bibles with me to 2 Kings, chapter 3. (Don’t you just love to hear the thumbing of smartphone screens?) In this chapter we find that the armies of three nations – Israel, Judah, and Edom – have…

Almost Half Way!

We are excited to see God blessing this path to serve Him with eDOT in Germany. We have met so many amazing people along this support-raising journey, that have touched our lives in deep ways. As time has passed our…



In our conversations with potential Armor-Bearers, we’ve met a few that would rather give toward more tangible than just a monthly gift into a lump sum. If that’s you then we have the perfect tangible need!

In June we hope to attend a five week training seminar with Missionary Training International (MTI). This excellent program is divided into two sessions: SPLICE and PILAT. These two programs are designed to make us more effective when we get to Germany.

SPLICE is a three-week, pre-departure program that is designed to help new missionaries and their families develop the practical skills and attitudes that will successfully take them through the challenging and rewarding process of being interwoven with another culture. Read more.

PILAT is a two week program. Its name stands for Program In Language Acquisition Techniques. The logic is compelling and the facts are undeniable. If you must learn another language in order to be an effective cross-cultural messenger of the gospel, you need to be empowered to do so. Quality training makes the difference. Zeal and good intentions are not enough. Read more.

This training course includes room and board for the whole five weeks and there is a special version of each customized for the kids. So this training will prepare all four of us to live in Germany! The cost of this training, $10,638, is included in our Launch Fund. Our Launch Fund is the lump sum we need before we can go. It will pay for the expenses surrounding three key areas: moving costs, household setup costs, and language and cultural training costs. If you are inclined to invest in a one-time gift towards this endeavor, please click here.

“Uh Oh!”

I –Jeff– love rollercoasters. I love the sound of the clack-clack-clack on that first hill.  My Dad would always ask me (and now I ask my kids) “Who’s driving this thing?” as we clicked our way to the top. We…