Lenses for the World

For three weeks Carrie and I have been in North Carolina attending a course on living cross-culturally at CIT (Center for Intercultural Training). One of the most significant teachings that I hope I never forget has been the concept that each culture sees the world around them through three lenses with varying degrees of clarity. These lenses are Shame, Guilt, and Fear.


Kingdom Rock SmallOur sending church (Mountain Springs) is hosting about 750 kids for VBS with another 350 adult and teen volunteers. If you are visiting this site because your kids told you about us, Welcome! Please browse some of the articles here and watch some of the videos we’ve posted in the righthand column.

In short, God is sending us to be missionaries in Europe

Faith Leaps

Remember the classic scene where Indiana Jones has to take a leap of faith to cross a bottomless pit? (See it again here.) That’s how we feel sometimes, but that’s what faith does! It leaps!

At the beginning of the year we were feeling expectant that God was doing big things behind the scenes.

Frozen Yogurt Night!

YoYogurt NightWe’ve been huge frozen yogurt fans for years and years! It is only suiting that we have a fundraiser at the YoYogurt at Stetson Hills and Powers, the first frozen yogurt store in Colorado Springs! Come and join us for our favorite dessert this coming Wednesday night from 4 to 9pm (5/15/13)! Just be sure to mention us at the cashier!

Are You Ready for the Rain?

Ever hear a pastor tell a story that you remembered years later? That happened to us recently and it really speaks to where we are right now.  Albert Tate originally told this story at Mount Hermon, the summer of 2010. Here it is as best as we can remember (creative license liberally applied).

Years ago in the South, maybe Georgia, there was a severe drought.  It hadn’t rained for months and the local farmers were really hurting. Indeed the whole town was on the verge of collapse.  It was the middle of summer, hot and humid, when the local pastor called for a community-wide week of prayer and fasting.