Reach the Unreached in Europe

Europe isn’t one of the first places you think of for international missions; indeed, even for many missions-minded people and churches, Europe isn’t even on the radar. Given Europe’s lengthy history of Christianization, it’s legacy of producing incredible theologians, and the presence of many beautiful and historic cathedrals, you’d think the Gospel was alive and well there, right?


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Adopt a Missionary Family Flyer

This past weekend we were invited to give a flyer to the families at our church. It invites them to consider adopting us as their missionary family.

Perhaps the families at your church would like the opportunity to adopt a missionary family! Email us ( if you have any questions.

Flexible Prayers

Judas is the villain of the Gospel. The Man of Perdition, born to betray the Son of God. But have you ever thought about his betrayal from his perspective?

Adopt a Missionary Family!

Adopt Missionary Fam Logo TEXTWe just started a new 50 at 50 campaign. All of our support raising efforts over the last two years have been person to person. The Lord has enabled us to share our story with new and old friends. So far He has built up 55% of a team of armor bears that are sending us to Europe soon.

The Internet is Essential in Europe

A few days ago a German court ruled that the internet is an essential part of daily life. This ruling echoes similar decisions from courts in France and Finland. All of these rulings perfectly illustrate why eDOT finds it so important that we use technology in all its facets to share Jesus with the European people.

Truly the internet represents today’s Mars Hill (Acts 17) and the market place for ideas and philosophy. It is time that Jesus was a part of this discussion!