Almost every Sunday afternoon in my (Jeff’s) 7th grade year I’d go over to a friend’s house to play the board game Risk. Inevitably, every time we played, I would corner my friend and have him on the ropes, assured of my victory. Then his one little army to my six would withstand my onslaught. I think it was the gloating and mockery that got to me as my massive and powerful army was whittled down by his one army. In my seventh grade maturity and logic, the correct response was to slug him in the shoulder. Ah the memories!

Let’s talk about a different kind of Risk. Let’s talk about the risk you’re taking right now while you read this blog.

Family Update From Carrie

Gage Fam_edited-2 SmallerWesley & Sophie are registered for School in Germany starting this fall!

When the Lord asked us to GO three years ago, His clear message to me over and over was, “Do not be afraid.” I assumed this word from Him was for when we live in Germany. Well, this season of life for me has had so much ambiguity, that the Lord has had to remind me, “Do not be afraid.”

Lost Things

Turn in your Bibles to Luke 15.

First, a confession. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve heard messages or allusions to this passage. The prodigal son is perhaps the most powerful parable to share with someone who isn’t following Jesus. So, to see something new here blew me away.

Lenses for the World

For three weeks Carrie and I have been in North Carolina attending a course on living cross-culturally at CIT (Center for Intercultural Training). One of the most significant teachings that I hope I never forget has been the concept that each culture sees the world around them through three lenses with varying degrees of clarity. These lenses are Shame, Guilt, and Fear.